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Excerpt from "Daignosis and Treatment of Craniocervical Pain and Headache based on Neuromuscular Parameters" from the American Journal of Pain Management

"There is increasing evidence supporting the premise that hypertonicity within facial muscles is an etiologic factor for some chronic headache patients. This muscular hypertonicity is the result of a neuromuscular imbalance within the head and neck. Through the analysis of electromyograph (EMG) data, it is possible to construct an intraoral orthosis which creates neuromuscular balance and subsequently relieves the pain.


If you are reading this and you are skeptical in finding the help you are looking for with Dr.Solomon, you are not alone. About 15 years ago I was diagnosed with T.M.J. I sought help with other doctors that only made my problem worst.

I gave up looking for help thinking I would get better or the problem would go away until the years past and my problem got worst, headaches, jaw lock, chewing problems, back ache, ear tingles, stress.

I visited a few offices of neuromuscular dental specialists, after visiting Dr. Solomon I found he was the most knowledgeable doctor that explained to me details of my problem and gave me understandable answers, and most affordable. In May 2010 I received my specially made device to start my treatment, after two weeks of wearing the device I felt relief, headaches disappeared, no more pain. I am still over going my treatment at the moment but am pain free thanks to the knowledge of Dr. Solomon. If you are reading this, just remember that the problem will not get better, as the years pass it will be more severe, the sooner you get help the less expensive it will be.

-E. Rodriguez
I have seen many dentists/specialists because of my pain, without any improvement. Dr. Solomon took time to listen to me and really cared about my problems. The special Orthosis he designed for me, started to help with all my issues, right away. Only after a few month, I can recognize my jaw bone again and I wake up in the morning refreshed and without even thinking about pain, at all. Dr. Solomon radiates confidence and he is so calm and knowledgeable that one feels being in the right hands and having nothing to worry about!!

When I came to Dr. Solomon, I could barely open my mouth. I could not chew at all and was eating soft foods only. This problem was affecting my sinus with infections as well as my ear on the left side with an odd sound as though my jaw was off its axle for lack of a better explanation. All other doctors told me to take a pain killer or worse, surgery to correct the problem. Within 30 days the headaches had disappeared and not long after that, the acute pain and discomfort in my neck began to subside to a level that was tolerable and manageable without constant pain medication. Although I am still dealing with the other effects of that car accident, I was able to cross off the migraines and TMJ off my list thanks to Dr. Solomon. I would not hesitate to wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Solomon if you or anyone you know is suffering with any symptom associated with TMJ.

-P. White
Dr. Sid Solomon, also known as Dr. Spa, is a world famous dentist specializing in the treatment of TMJ pain. Dr. Solomon has helped alleviate pain in hundreds of his patients and he can help you too! Dr. Solomon has been featured on many national news broadcast stations and named one of the leading experts in TMJ symptom relief. Call now to schedule your potentially life changing consultation! We look forward to a relaxed and pleasant visit with you soon.